Kleviore™ Essential Oil
Kleviore™ Essential Oil
Kleviore™ Essential Oil
Kleviore™ Essential Oil
Kleviore™ Essential Oil
Kleviore™ Essential Oil

Kleviore™ Essential Oil

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A Healthy Mind Is Just As Important As A Healthy Body

Most people tend to only focus on keeping their physical health in check but pay little attention to their brain health.

Our brains allow us to do so many things – from communicating to solving problems and remembering things. Studies show that if you don’t practice good mental health habits, your ability to think and remember declines as early as your 20s. So, if you haven’t been practicing those standard healthy behaviors up until now, you’re already behind.

Luckily, Kleviore™ provides an easier, more effective, and natural way to keep the mind healthy.

Kleviore™: The Key To Maintaining Brain Health


Kleviore™ gives you the chance to gain the benefits of essential oil use in as little as 5 minutes a day. The results are astounding and allow you to take on any task confidently knowing your brain is running smoothly.

Made with only the finest ingredient of cedarwood sourced from Rome, Kleviore™ was designed to contain three times the amount of sesquiterpenes compared to using normal cedarwood oil. This enables it to promote healthy blood flow and cross the blood-brain barrier, providing direct oxygenation that can help heal damaged brain cells.

Breathing in Kleviore™ can also trigger neuron growth thereby, enhancing memory retention and problem-solving skills. It will also decrease stress hormone levels to set a calm mood and reduce tension, leaving you feeling pleasantly relaxed.

Amazing Benefits

  • Activates cognitive function, mental performance, and memory
  • Promotes brain health
  • Induces relaxation and calmness
  • Clears brain fog and promotes mental clarity
  • Boosts focus and concentration
  • Helps boost energy, mood, or creativity
  • Reduces anxiety and stress

How To Use

Add 2-5 drops to a diffuser or you can also dab it in vaporizers to distribute its scent in a room or add it to a potpourri.

Mix 2-5 drops of essential oil with a carrier oil. We recommended applying on temples or pressure points on the body.